Since Madison was born 9 1/2 months ago, Bryan and I have gone out without her 8 times that I can think of, and only 3 of those times have been just the two of us!  Last night was #3, and so that was exciting.  Here’s a list.  The bold ones are the times when it was just the two of us:

  1. We went out for dinner (sushi) and saw a movie (James Bond) back in November when my mom was visiting.
  2. We went out to a hockey game with Bryan’s family when we were in San Antonio visiting for Thanksgiving, and Bryan’s mom and cousin stayed home with Madison.
  3. We went to Bryan’s work Christmas party at the Angus Barn, and my mom and Tom watched Madison for us.
  4. My mom was visiting (in March or April I think?) and Bryan and I went out for drinks in town at the Aviator bar.
  5. We were in Chicago in May, and a babysitter watched Madison while we went out with Bryan’s parents and their friend Chip to dinner and a play (first non-family babysitter!)
  6. We went out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary while we were in Blacksburg at the end of May.  We ate dinner at Cabo Fish Taco and then played darts at Champs while Madison stayed with my dad and Ivy.
  7. We paid a babysitter a few weeks ago (daughter of Bryan’s co-worker) to watch Madison while we went to a crawfish boil party.
  8. Last night Bryan’s mom stayed home with Madison, and Bryan and I went out for dinner and a movie!

It’s getting easier now that Madison’s getting older, and her bedtime routine is a bit more predictable, so hopefully we’ll be able to get out more regularly.

We left home around 6:15 last night, and I took a picture of Bryan in the car as we drove out of the neighborhood:


We had made reservations to go to Bida Manda in downtown Raleigh.  It’s a restaurant that I went to last week to celebrate Amanda’s Birthday.  I loved it and wanted to go back.  Our reservations were for 7:45 pm, so we went next door to Tir Na Nog for a couple of drinks first.


Dinner was wonderful.  It inspired me to try making some Thai food for dinners at home this week, so pad Thai, chicken curry, and salad with peanut vinaigrette are all on the menu for our upcoming meals…


We decided to go to the 3D IMAX theater downtown after dinner to see Man of Steel, the new Superman movie.  The movie didn’t start until 9:55 pm, so we walked over to the theater and bought our tickets, and then walked back to Tir Na Nog to have some dessert while we waited until it was time to go back to the theater.


We had a Guinness float for dessert, which was interesting.  It was Guinness with chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream, caramel, and hot fudge.  It was a unique thing to try, and I’m glad we tried it, but I wouldn’t order it again.

The 3D glasses are kind of funny looking!

Man of Steel was really good for about the first hour, and then it dissolved into a bunch of unnecessary fighting scenes, and really went down hill fast.  Too bad.

It was a fun night out though!  We got home around 12:45 am.  Late night out 🙂  Madison did really well with her Nana.  They enjoyed dinner and play time together, and then at bedtime Nana read stories and gave her a bottle.  She went to bed at 8:20 pm, and only cried a nano-second before falling asleep.  Good girl 🙂