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I jumped on the measuring board bandwagon.  I think they’re so cute, and I’ve wanted to make one for Madison’s room since before she was born.  Several months ago I bought the board from Home Depot.  It sat around for awhile until I found the time to sand it and put a coat of primer on it.  I also filled in some holes and crevices with wood filler and sanded that down once it dried.  Then it sat around for many months until finally this past weekend I found the time to work on it some more!  Yay!

First I painted two coats of white paint on top of the primer.  Then I measured off one foot segments, and put down some Frog Tape.  I painted two coats of green paint on alternating sections.  Madison watched from her swing to make sure I did everything correctly.  She’s a lady of leisure.


I took a video to document the process.  You must watch this because Madison is cute.

Then I removed the frog tape to reveal my lovely green and white 1-foot segments.

And here is my lovely board once the tape was removed.  The green and white segments are looking lovely.


Next I printed out numbers 2-6 on my printer and cut the numbers out to make some stencils.  I just used regular paper, although something sturdier like card stock probably would’ve been better.  It still worked fine though.


I taped the numbers down to mark each foot segment (I’m going to hang this one foot up from the floor in Madison’s room, which is why it starts off at 2 feet.)  Then I painted two coats of pink paint into my number stencils.


And I peeled off my stencils immediately while the paint was still wet to prevent any sticking.


Next was the most tedious part of the whole project.  I measured off one inch marks up the whole side of the board, and then used frog tape to create little dashes for every inch of the board.  That took awhile.


Then I painted over the frog tape.


And removed the tape to reveal my pink inch-marker dashes.


Ta daaah! Pretty!


Madison is excited about having it in her room.  I think I’m going to get some kind of clear protector coat to paint over the top before I hang it in her room though, just to keep it from getting dinged up over the years.


I’m planning to use a sharpie to record her heights as she grows.  The first one will be right at 21 inches – her height when she was born 🙂


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