Welcome to our home!


We moved into our current house in June 2012, and we love it so much.  I actually took most of these pictures in September 2012, 3 days before I gave birth!  So they’re somewhat outdated, although our house hasn’t really changed all that much since then other than being messier and having lots more baby gear sitting around 🙂  And, actually, some of these pictures are left from how the house looked before we bought it!  It’s really time for me to take new pictures.  As soon as I have time…

Here’s a picture of our foyer as you enter the house, and actually this picture is left from how the house looked before we bought it so we have a different table and mirror there now.


To the right of the entryway is our dining room.


When you enter the house, if you go straight ahead, you’ll enter the living room.


And here’s a picture of the fireplace, also from before we moved in 🙂


You can see the nook next to the fire place that has the TV in it… we don’t keep our TV in there because it wouldn’t fit.  And you can see the dining room in the background… obviously we have furniture now.


Here’s the kitchen, again, as it looked before we bought the house, because I haven’t taken any pictures of it recently.  This will be my next project.  Documenting a CURRENT tour of our house!


The doorway to the left leads to the half bathroom and dining room.

Here’s the half bath.


And here’s the sun room off of the kitchen, which I also use as my office space.


Upstairs is our master bedroom.


Definitely need a better, more updated picture!

Here’s Madison’s room – certainly one of my favorite rooms in the house 🙂


It still looks pretty much like this.


I have added more artwork to the walls though, so this needs to be updated as well.


And oh my gosh, her closet has a TON more clothes in it now 🙂  And she’s already grown out of a lot of those little outfits that were hanging in there.

Here’s Talan’s bedroom.


Which also looks different now.  Different duvet cover.  I need to take some updated shots of his room as well.

And here is the bonus room / Bryan’s office.



This room probably looks the most similar now to how it did then.  I don’t think it’s really changed much at all.


So that’s it.  A very outdated tour of our house 🙂 I will make it my goal to update these pictures!