Welcome to our wedding!

We got married on May 29, 2011 at The Matthews House, which is a beautiful house that hosts weddings and other events.  They have a garden next to the house where we had our wedding ceremony, and a large banquet hall is behind the house, which is where we held our reception.  During the cocktail hour guests mingled in the breezeway between the house and banquet hall as well as inside the house.

The Matthews House

Here are some images of our reception table centerpieces.  Our florist, Brides and Bouquets, did an awesome job.  The little gift bag favors held M&Ms in our wedding colors, which we chose since M&M is our initials (Miller&Miller) but is also the combination of our previous initials as well.  My maiden name also began with an M.  The M&Ms were red, pink, and white, which also happen to be Valentine’s colors, so at Valentine’s time I bought dozens of bags of M&Ms in V-Day colors, and saved them to use for our wedding so we wouldn’t have to get the specialty colors which can be way more expensive.

Reception Table Centerpiece

I had always wanted an outside garden wedding, and so that’s what we did!  It was beautiful.  Here it is all set up before the guests arrived.

My mom and my bridesmaids helped me get my dress on.  We all got ready in the master suite upstairs in the Matthews House, which was a lovely place to get our hair and makeup done.  In this picture they were working on fixing the many, many layers under my dress to make sure none of them were bunched up.

The moment is finally here!  All ready, just looking into the mirror to see myself as a bride.  My new Mother-in-law looking on.

Here is my dad walking me down the grassy aisle.

At the end of our ceremony, we incorporated a sand ceremony so that Bryan’s son Talan could participate.  The three of us blended 3 different colors of sand (black, white, and red, our wedding colors)  into one glass vase, symbolizing the combining of ourselves into our new family unit.  This is a picture of me hugging Talan at the completion of the sand ceremony.

The newlyweds!  For the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Miller!

Me and my family.  Left to right: my step-dad Tom, my mom, my sister-in-law Suzyjo (who performed our ceremony as our officiant), my brother Andy, me, my sister Becky, my step-mom Ivy, and my dad.

The wedding party.  Left to right: Bryan’s niece Megan, my friend Ginger, my friend Jesi, my sister Becky, and my friend Melissa.  Me, Bryan.  Bryan’s friend Alan, my brother Andy, Bryan’s friend Ric, and Bryan’s friend Martin.

Our pretty cake.  It was lemon berry flavored – lemon cake with strawberries mixed in, vanilla buttercream.  The black ribbons were made of fondant because I wanted them to be edible and not have to be peeled off of the cake.

The toasts.  My dad, best man Alan, and maid of honor Melissa, all gave beautiful toasts that made us laugh and brought tears to our eyes.  Here’s my dad toasting us.

First dance.  Our first dance was to Catpower’s Sea of Love.  We originally had big plans of taking dance lessons and learning some impressive surprise dance routine, but in the final months leading up to the wedding, amidst last minute planning, graduate school papers and exams, stressful full time jobs, and life… that just didn’t happen.  So we winged it, swayed back and forth, and Bryan twirled me around a few times, and it was lovely.

Bryan’s family flew in from Texas, where he’s originally from.  We got a big group shot during the reception.  Left to right: Bryan’s dad, Bryan’s nephew Zach, his mom in back, his son Talan in front, his niece Megan, his cousin Amy, his grandmother, his cousin Adam, his Aunt Linda, his niece Addison, and his sister Angie.

Addison was actually our flower girl, but she is 2 and she ended up refusing to walk down the aisle and then took a nap during the ceremony instead.

So there you have a brief snapshot of our wedding.  It was lovely!  And the best part about it is that now we are officially husband and wife.